About us

We are a trio:

Karen, the engineer and visualizer; Sóley, the organizer and coach; and Sölvi, the product designer and furniture maker. Karen and Sóley are a couple, and Sölvi and Sóley are siblings. Together we make a great team as we each bring to the table different strengths.

Our aim be part of the solution and bring about awareness of the importance of responsible design as a way to change the world in a positive manner. Our ideology is that *good design is responsible design.

*Good design is design that has a purpose, is durable, and beautiful. Good design respects humankind, animals, and the environment.

One of the things we do is to look for materials to work with that are recyclable and environmentally friendly.


We've been working with recycled aluminum lately. 

The idea of using aluminum came when we heard that there was an awareness campaign about recycling the aluminum frame that tea candles come in. We thought it was interesting and offered to participate. It is estimated that only in Iceland we use about 3 million tea candles every year!

The production of the aluminium is of course controversial, but the great thing about aluminum is that it is completely recyclable because when it is recycled it doesn’t lose its quality and it’s super durable!

We designed three everyday products made from aluminum: an acoustic speaker, a stool and a lamp. Our aim was to find a good use for recycled aluminium in everyday products.

In the process we decided to add in cork.

Cork is a good contrast to aluminum, as it is warm and cozy. Cork is also a great material and the  production of it is generally considered sustainable because the cork tree is not cut down to obtain cork; only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork. The tree continues to live and grow.

Photo by Lisa Gaugl


Acoustic speaker

Hljómhrif is Sölvi Kristjánssons, portlands product designer, graduation project (2017) from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in design. The purpose of Hljómhrif is twofold, improved sound quality and the discussion and the message that the product leaves behind. The work is also a pretext for a short lifetime of modern products and the great renewal that needs to be constantly evolving in our consumer oriented society.


Photo by Heimir Bjarnason



The stool is designed for people who are energetic and have a high level of mobility. It supports balance and correct posture. It is environmentally friendly and long lasting, as both the aluminium and the cork are recyclable and durable materials. You can also fold it into a floor seat. // 14.400 tea lights


Photo by Heimir Bjarnason



The lamp has a simple parabolic shape and produces an oval pool of expanding light. The secondary-production of the aluminum affects how the light is redirected from the lamp, therefore the light varies depending on each model.  // 3.900 tea lights


Photo by Lisa Gaugl

The Portland crew

Sölvi sitting on the stool, Kollhrif; Sóley holding the lamp, Ljóshrif; and Karen sitting in the chair next to the acoustic speaker, Hljómhrif.


Photo by Karen Ósk Magnúsdóttir

The showroom at studio Portland


The showroom from outside